Marina Loader

All the comforts to the yachtsmen

The Marina di Porto Rotondo (Lat. 41°01,1' Nord - Long. 009°32,7' Est) is located in the north-est coast of Sardinia Island. Protected by a little natural creek, stretching over from Punta Nuraghe to Punta Volpe, nowadays is a tourist landing offering all the comforts to the yachtsmen.

Mappa Posti Braca - Marina di Porto Rotondo

Really close to the Marina, at a distance of few nautical miles, you can enjoy some of the charming bays, as Li Nibari, Mortorio, the “Spiaggia Rosa” (pink beach) of Budelli and all the other wonderful coves with crystal clear waters, intense colours and granite cliffs boast of the Costa Smeralda. The quality of the services and of berths, the respect for the environment and the completeness of our information contributed to classify our Marina as one of the best of the Mediterranean sea. We have been also awarded the prestigious “Bandiera Blu d'Europa”